Up & Away


Up & Away is a playful and gentle theatrical performance created exclusively for babies and their grown ups. Fragments of everyday life are elevated from the ordinary to the exquisite, through the exploration of live music and play. A cosy and safe atmosphere is created by way of a small number of attendees and a requirement that only pre-walking babies may attend.

Up & Away takes place in a carefully crafted open-sided tent Through this created sense of calm, babies are given an optimal environment from which to engage and explore along with their caregiver. We encourage the audience to come as they are. Every baby will respond differently to the performance, and we embrace and welcome that. Up & Away is informed by current neuroscientific research and has been developed in consultation with a speech and language therapist.



“Much of the show’s joy is in watching the infants engage not only with the performers and their caregivers but with one another.”
– Theatreview

Proudly sponsored by

Creative NZ


Mon 12 April, 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm


Clarkson Studio Regent Theatre – General Admission


30 minutes, 15 mins playtime afterwards



Tickets: Full $15 (one baby and max two adults)
plus service fees